2017 Packaging Trends

December 28, 2016

It’s not surprising that today’s brands need to be more innovative than ever before and listen to consumers’ needs when developing new packaging. Below are some key packaging trends that are continuing in popularity and others that are rising quickly for 2017.

  • Sustainability – Green and environmentally friendly packaging formats are no longer a trend, but rather the standard for a lot of brands. Leading producers are also focusing on reducing their carbon footprint throughout the entire supply chain.


  • Convenience –The on-the-go trend is still as popular as ever. Consumers want brands to provide reliable packages that mirror their busy lifestyles.


  • Smaller Sizes – Consumers are still wanting smaller portions that help maintain a healthier lifestyle. Smaller portion packaging has been a success for both snack food manufacturers and consumers. For manufacturers, offering their snacks in a variety of packaging sizes gives them an opportunity to get their product in front of various consumer demographics. For consumers, smaller sizes help with portion control and also sampling new snacks at a lesser cost.


  • Package Design and Branding – A Mintel study found that 1 in 3 consumers associate high quality packaging with product quality. Unique packaging structures are important to stand out on shelves and can help support brand identity. The design trend of packaging continues to focus on simplicity: matte finishes, basic colors and simple imagery.


  • Packaging Gets Smart. There is great opportunity for brands to engage, entertain and educate consumers in real time. QR codes on packaging are still seeing success as a way for consumers to access more product information on their smartphone. This is to improve purchasing experience. Three types of smart packaging will rule in the coming years: NFC, RFID and BLE.


  • Clean Labels – Consumers want clean labels on simple packaging. Easy to read, short ingredient lists are key. New nutrition label requirements will also be encouraging more transparency as far as product ingredients and nutrition facts are concerned, enabling consumers to make more informed choices when it comes to their health.


  • Transparency in packaging: Consumers are tuned in to food safety now more than ever. They want clear packaging, not only in the sense of nutritional content, but in the literal sense that the packaging must also contain a clear window to view the products within.


  • Nostalgic packaging – As with the nostalgic food trend, nostalgic packaging will also see success this year. Brands are taking their customers back to the past with packaging that is especially popular with millennials and baby boomers.

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