2017 Snack Flavor Trends

December 16, 2016

As this year winds down to a close, it’s time to look at the New Year and some of the flavor trends that are predicted for 2017. According to a recent Mintel survey, about 38% of consumers stated that the single most important factor that would influence them to purchase salty snacks would be a new flavor launch and 30% stated that spicy flavors also influence their purchases. New and exciting flavors are integral to the continued success of snacking and below are some of the flavor trends on the horizon for 2017.


The insurgence of healthy snacking can’t be ignored. As important as bold flavors are with snacks, consumers still want ingredients they can recognize. Meeting that balance is important to stand out in the market. Packaging tends to be critical in this case since consumers want to immediately see simple ingredient labels and an emphasis on products with no artificial ingredients.

Our ReCharge line of snacks are a great example of big flavor with simple ingredients. All of the flavors in the line include no artificial ingredients and offer a bevy of health benefits.



Classic American flavors are seeing a resurgence this year with chefs reimaging those traditional flavors we grew up with in new and exciting ways. With snacks, consumers are reaching for flavors that hold nostalgic memories for them. Especially strong in the millennial generation, these consumers are reaching an age when they want snacks that they identify with their childhoods.

Look out for more nostalgic flavors like our Banana Split® and PB&J Mix® to hit the market this coming year.


With 62% of millennials and 56% of U.S. adults identifying as adventurous eaters, snacks are often an easy and inexpensive opportunity to try more exotic flavors. Indian flavors in particular add an interesting twist to traditional snacks. These spicy, complex flavors are the perfect accompaniment to savory snacks. Also interesting are the color of these bold snacks. A food’s color often reinforces and sometimes defines its flavor. These bold colors help the product to stand out among other salty snacks on the shelves.

One of our most popular My Salad Bar® flavors is Indian Cuisine. This topping line keeps salads from being boring and this flavor is full of spice and kick.



Consumers aren’t. Seasonal flavors continue to saturate the food and beverage industry. Packaged snacks are seeing success with seasonal flavors with consumers associating freshness with these flavors. The emotional connection to snacks has always been strong and the seasonal flavors add an extra element of anticipation and excitement.

In addition to seasonal flavor variety, snacks also create an opportunity for new shapes. Snacks shaped like snowflakes, Christmas trees and other holiday shapes are seeing increased sales each holiday season. Expect to see more seasonal products next year in addition to more seasonal flavors outside of the traditional fall and Christmas snacks. The time between Memorial Day and Fourth of July is expected to be a new opportunity for more summer flavors.

Some of our favorite seasonal flavors that can be enjoyed all year include Apple Crisp Mix, Cinnamon Splendor, Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels and Key Lime Yogurt Pretzels.



Driven by the ever increasing health and wellness trend, the rise of floral flavors will reach a high this year. Beverages are a first-mover category for this trend, but expect to see snacks come in strong.  Hibiscus, orange blossom and raspberry lavender are some of the most popular flavors we’ll see this year with more interesting combinations coming every day.

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