PMA Fresh Summit

October 18, 2016

The 67th annual PMA Fresh Summit  was held this past weekend in Orlando and was the highest attended show in PMA history with more than 20,000 attendees from 65 countries. More than 1200 companies also exhibited, showcasing new products, technologies and innovations. The show is targeted to leaders in the global fresh produce and floral industries.  It’s always a great place  to identify emerging trends and business opportunities. All of the companies exhibiting and attending walk away more inspired and excited by the industry.

Truly Good Foods exhibited a variety of retail snacks with a focus on better-for-you options with bold flavors. New product line My Salad Bar® was also unveiled at the show.  The booth theme centered on Snack Week and snacks to bring your customers back every day of the week.

TGF products featured at PMA Fresh Summit include:


ReCharge® are natural snack mixes with antioxidant benefits. Three different snack mixes available in SUR bags, resealable cubes, or bulk.

Resealable Cubes
Resealable Cubes are conveniently packed nuts, seeds, dried fruit, candy and chocolate. Available in 50+ varieties.

My Salad Bar®
No more boring salads! My Salad Bar® adds some crunch to your favorite lunch with four varieties of salad toppings, including the bold Indian Cuisine.

Garden Chips
Garden Chips™ are snack chips made from real vegetables. A better-for-you choice and the easiest way to eat your vegetables.

Grabeez® are available in 15 varieties of nuts, snack mixes and candy. Perfect to grab-n-go for snacks on the fly.

Flavored Pretzel Bags
Flavored Pretel Bags are salty pretzels covered in sweet and tangy coating. The line features seven colorful flavors including Key Lime and Greek Yogurt.

Dip & Devour
Dip & Devour™ is the easiest way to dip your favorite fruit. Available in Milk, Dark, White & Peanut Butter.

Buffalo Nuts®
Buffalo Nuts® are peanuts with a kick of zesty buffalo wing flavor. Available in Original, Blue Cheese, Ranch and Honey Roasted.

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