Best Selling Snacks at Country Clubs

August 23, 2016

Truly Good Foods is a partner to the club & resort industry, providing custom snack mixes, bulk nuts and seeds, and candy. To better help our customers in this industry, we like to share some of our current best-selling snacks. TGF’s current top 10 selling products for country clubs are:

1. Sweet Heat™,25lb
2. Mixed Nuts, Roasted/Salted, 25lb
3. Happy Hour Mix™,10lb
4. The Big Cheese®, 25lb
5. Pecan Pieces, Medium Fancy, 30lb
6. Firecracker Hot & Spicy®, 25lb
7. Mixed Nuts with Peanuts, R/S, 25lb
8. Mexicali Fire®, 25lb
9. Sunburst™, 25lb
10. Sweet Tooth™, 25lb

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