Back to School Snack Attack

August 4, 2016

The new school year is about to start and your customers will soon be stocking up on healthy snacks to send their students to class with. Here are a few key factors to think about when promoting different snacks for the upcoming school year:


1. Portability– Especially for those customers with younger students, having a snack that can easily be stored in a backpack or lunch box without risk of it spilling is very important.
2. Nutrition– While this might not be as big of a factor to the students enjoying the snacks, it’s very important to the parents who want to give their student the most nutritious snack possible. Offering the most nutritious snack possible can help students stay focused and alert throughout the entire school day.
3. Taste– This is the most important factor to the students enjoying the snacks everyday. Consider current food and flavor trends to ensure you’re offering customers what they’re looking for.
4. Variety– Eating the same snack everyday can create a lack of excitement and joy about snacking. Offering different snack flavors from the same line, like our Grabeez® snack cups or our snack bags, allows for an ability to pick and choose different snacks based off of your daily cravings.
5. Usage– When promoting snacks for the upcoming school year, remember to think about the different applications each snack can be used for besides just snacking. For example, a snack bag of almonds or sunflower seeds can be added to a salad at lunch for an older student or mixed into a yogurt for breakfast.
6. The ‘Cheat’ Snack– During stressful academic times throughout the year, it’s important to remember to offer your customers the snacks that might be considered ‘cheat’ snacks like candy or chocolate.
School time means snack time. Make sure this coming school year your customers have all their snacking needs taken care of by Truly Good Foods!

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