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June 14, 2016

Truly Good Foods is a partner for business and industry customers, providing custom snack mixes, bulk nuts, and candy. As expected, bulk snack mixes and traditional candy are important products for this industry. Between busy employees and clients, recognizable and simple snacks are must-haves.  TGF’s current top 10 selling products for this industry are:
1. Perfectly Fit™, 25lb.
2. M&M Peanut, 25lb.
3. M&M Plain, 25lb.
4. Roasted/Salted Mixed Nuts Select Blend, 25lb.
5. Sunburst™, 25lb.
6. Jelly Belly Assorted, 10lb.
7. Orbit Gum Spearmint, 12 count
8. Hershey Miniatures, 25lb.
9. Orbit Gum Wintermint, 12 count
10. Kind Bars, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, 12/1.4oz.
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