Summertime Snacking

June 6, 2016

During the summer, most activities take place around water. It might be days spent at a pool, a lake, or even at the beach. During the months where the weather can reach over 100 degrees in some areas, being able to jumping into a nice cool body of water is what allows us to stay outside all day long enjoying the most out of our summer days. With these all day summer adventures near the water, you have to make sure that your customers have plenty of snacks that fit their busy schedules and packaging that is easy to enjoy around water.

The beach is always a popular vacation destination and somewhere that your customers need to be able to bring snacks in packaging with a very tight seal. The last thing that anyone wants to bite down on or taste is a mouthful of sand mixed in with their favorite snack. One way to ensure that you have a tight seal is by offering your customers our Stand-Up Resealable (SUR) snack bags. These snack bags have a zip-lock like press and seal top that will close tightly and help to deter sand from mixing with your favorite snack. For the summer months, a sweet and spicy snack mix like our Sweet Heat™ or Mango Tango™ in one of our SUR bags would be a great treat to munch on while you enjoy a great day at the beach.

For those other hot summer days when the beach might not be an option, the pool is always open. Snacks are a necessity at the pool and there are a few important things to remember when choosing the right snacks to enjoy. 1.) The snack packaging must be able to be handled by wet hands. 2.) Snacks shouldn’t be too bulky or large so they won’t take up too much room in a pool bag and they can be finished at the pool. 3.) A snack line with many different choices is a must to satisfy any large group of picky eaters (like when your children decide they want to bring their friend to the pool that day). With our snack bags, there are over 40 different types of snacks ranging from snack mixes to dried fruits to candies and confections, so that everyone can choose exactly what they want to snack on. The size is the perfect portion for a mid-afternoon snack and can be stored away in a pool bag only taking up minimum space. It’s the perfect pool side treat!

While many spend their glorious summer days at the pool or at the beach, a lot of people also go to other local water venues where snacks are a must have! For those weekend get-togethers at your favorite lake or water park, bring one of our resealable cubes. Our cubes range from snack mixes to candies and dried fruits, so bring along your favorite to share. We suggest one of our signature snack mixes like Pep In Your Step™ or Sweet Tooth™. If you enjoy more adventurous outings on the water during the summer, like kayaking down a local river or boating on your favorite lake, bringing along any of our Grabeez® snack cups will prove to be a great addition to your adventures. Grabeez® cups are filled with various snacks, candies, and snack mixes and fit perfectly in any cup holder or even in the water bottle holder on your outdoor backpack.

So grab your favorite snack from Truly Good Foods and enjoy very summer water activity with the perfect snack in hand!

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