Truly Good Foods Facility Tour

April 26, 2016

Second generation, women-owned Truly Good Foods specializes in premium snack mixes, freshly roasted nuts and seeds, dried fruit, and hundreds of bulk and packaged candies. At our 84,000 sq. ft facility in Charlotte, N.C., we have multiple capabilities that allow us to roast, mix, and package our products in a variety of formats. We are SQF Level 2 certified and package tens of thousands of snacks per day for the following markets: Hotels, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals, Business & Industry, Distributors, Grocery Stores/Supermarkets, Golf/Country Clubs, Airlines, Health / Natural Food Stores, Full Serce Restaurants, Specialist Retailers, and many more.
Let’s take a quick tour through our production process:

Truly Good Foods works with only the top vendors in the country. We have personally toured facilities and growing fields where nuts are grown, shelled, cleaned, sorted and packaged. Our purchasers stay on top of the latest trends to ensure that we stock the most up-to-date items available. Truckloads of product arrive daily which kicks off the production process.

Many of our products are stored in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse and coolers.

We roast our nuts and seeds daily in small batches to ensure the highest quality product.

All of our snack mixes are hand blended to ensure the greatest quality and reduce the chance of breakage.

Our products are packaged, labeled and sent on to the warehouse. We sell our products in bulk and some of the most unique packaging in the industry with Grabeez snack cups, snack bags, resealable cubes, and stand up resealable bags.

In the warehouse, the boxes are stocked by variety and date and moved daily to our seven warehouses across the U.S.

TGF distributes over 4,000 packaged and bulk items from our primary distribution center in Charlotte, N.C. with other distribution locations in Atlanta, Memphis, Dallas, Washington D.C., Orlando, and Reno. We recognize that our customers need fast, reliable service, so most orders are delivered within 24-48 hours.


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