Healthier Snack Swaps

April 19, 2016

As snacking is continuing to grow in popularity and becoming more of a meal replacement, consumers have got to consider the quality of snacks they’re consuming. Before reaching for that salty or sugary snack, consider some of these snack swaps for a healthier option.

Craving Salty Potato Chips?

Try YORK’S HARVEST® GARDEN CHIPS™ – Garden Chips™ are all-natural snack chips made from real vegetables that are then vacuum-fried and lightly seasoned with sea salt. The Garden Chips™ line includes Okra, Green Beans, and Vegetable Chips – a combination of sweet potato, taro root, squash, carrots, and green beans. Garden Chips™ are saturated fat and cholesterol free, with low sodium and are available in resealable trays or bulk.


Think you’re Snacking Healthy with Pretzels?

Try ALMONDS  –  A lot of people turn to pretzels thinking they are a good snacking choice, but they’re typically made with refined white flour that raises your blood sugar quickly. Choose raw nuts instead like almonds. Almonds are one of the most nutritious nuts out there since they are all-natural and packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants.    


Need a Sugar Pick-me-up?

Try DRIED FRUIT – Can’t choose which dried fruit is your favorite? Try our  blend of cherries, cranberries, and blueberries. Dried berries are a good source of dietary fiber and also retain some antioxidants of fresh berries.


Snacking on Buffalo Wings too often?

Try BUFFALO NUTS®- Buffalo Nuts® are peanuts with a kick of zesty buffalo wing flavor. We tested for months to find the perfect buffalo flavor and it does not disappoint. All of the flavor of buffalo wings without the mess. Buffalo Nuts® are available in Original, Blue Cheese, Ranch, and Honey Roasted flavors.
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