Snacking Trends 2016 {Infographic}

December 22, 2015

According to the Global Snacks Market 2015-2019 research report, one of the most major trends in the snack industry is consumers replacing standard meals with snacks.

-90% of consumers snack multiple times per day

-7% of those consumers forego eating meals altogether and instead rely on snacks for sustenance.

-Consumers are looking past the traditional potato chips and candies and are instead trying interesting tastes and/or snacking for healthy reasons.

-73% of Baby Boomers prefer “classic” American meals, compared to only 54% of millenials.

-47% of consumers claim they enjoy trying new flavors and ethnic cuisines.

-61% of consumers say they are now opting for healthier snacks.

-In keeping with the trend of health awareness, consumers are searching for their snacks to servce a nutritionl purpose.

-51% of consumers admit to searching for high protein foods to add to their diet.

-53% of consumers are now opting for smaller snack sizes

While snacking is considered to be an all-day event, consumers are admitting their snacking isn’t spontaneous, but rather planned out and influenced by locale.

-80% of snacks are consumed at home

-63% of consumers snack in the afternoon

-37% of consumers plan their snack purchases in advance so they will have snacks on hand at all times.

-Over 1/3 of after dinner snacks are sweet

-Savory snacks hit its peak in December and January, while sweet snacking hits its peak in November- between Halloween and Christmas.


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