Flavor Combinations To Watch For in 2016

November 24, 2015

Consumers’ taste buds are changing. In 2014, market research firm Mintel published a report indicating that American consumers are trending toward bolder, more adventurous flavors. A 2014 report from Packaged Facts corroborated this fact – indicating that 53% of consumers “seek out bolder flavors”. Throughout this year, those trends have held true, with many brands integrating fan-favorite flavors – like Sriracha or citrus – into products.

Further, snacking is continuing to rise – increasing 47% from 2010 to 2014. As more and more Americans snack, and as their taste preferences change, we’re likely to see an increase in demand for savory, protein-filled snacks with interesting flavors.

In 2016, expect to see a major rise in combination flavors – combining sweet with spicy or smashing together salty, savory and spicy. Below are some Truly Good Foods snack mixes that exemplify these combination flavor profiles.

Sweet and Spicy

Sweet Heat ™
With nacho-flavored peanuts, cajun corn sticks and a dash of cajun blackening seasoning over top, there’s more than enough heat in our Sweet Heat™ snack mix. However, the butter toasted and honey roasted cut the heat and give just enough sweet to balance it all out.

Sweet and Savory

Sunburst ™
Sunburst™ is a fan-favorite snack mix, complete with our roasted and salted peanuts, raisins, chocolate gems and almonds. Sunburst™ is a perfect mix of sweet and savory and consumers have shown time and again that they love this snack mix.

Poppin Nut Crunch™
Poppin Nut Crunch™ is Truly Good Foods’ modern take on classic caramel corn. With both milk chocolate and white chocolate drizzled caramel corn alongside white chocolate drops, roasted and salted cashews, peanuts and pecans, Poppin Nut Crunch™ has the best of both worlds.

Sweet, Spicy and Savory

Mango Tango™
Mango Tango™ is a fruity snack mix that pairs coconut toffee roasted peanuts and pumpkin seeds with pieces of mango as well as chili-and-lime noodles.  The flavor combination in Mango Tango™ is a unique take on the sweet and savory profile – with the coconut toffee peanuts and chili-and-lime noodles pushing together four delicious, unique flavors in every bite.

As 2015 comes to a close and we transition into the new year, keep an eye on these trending flavors. At Truly Good Foods, we stay atop the market trends to ensure your consumers are getting the products they love. Check out some of our products and find out how we can work together today!



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