Best Snacks For The Holidays

November 24, 2015

The holiday season is about giving – from giving thanks in November to giving gifts in December. However, in a study conducted by researchers at Yale, it was found that when consumers perform a selfless act they, in turn, are flooded with endorphins that promote self-satisfaction. These same endorphins then increase the likelihood of consumers making self-indulgent choices. So, while the holiday season is about giving to others, it’s also about giving in to yourself.

One of 2015’s biggest flavor stories has been the rise of hot chocolate. With cookies, candies and even popcorn jumping onto the hot chocolate bandwagon, brands are showing that they aren’t afraid to experiment with interesting takes on old favorites. As we transition into the holiday season and the temperature continues to drop, consumers are even more likely to indulge – from sweets to drinks.

A study conducted by The NPD Group found that sweet snack consumption peaks in the winter months, spiking in November and maintaining throughout December. With that in mind, convenience stores, restaurants, grocers and hotels are stocking up or capitalizing on the indulgences that consumers love in the winter months.

So, what’s a snack that is a good mix of classic and modern, makes a great gift, is a sweet indulgence, and incorporates chocolate? Look no further than our Poppin Nut Crunch™!

Poppin Nut Crunch™ is a great snack for the holidays, featuring delicious caramel corn drizzled with both white and milk chocolate. But we don’t stop there; the snack mix wouldn’t be complete without our own roasted and salted peanuts, pecans and cashews as well as sweet chocolate chunks and white chocolate drops.

Here at Truly Good Foods, we have a delicious, custom snack mixes for every occasion of the year. From football season to holiday season, tailgates to Thanksgiving, we have all of the snacks and snack mixes your consumers are looking for. Check out our products and find out how you can start carrying our products today!

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