Stand Up Resealable (SUR) Bags

October 19, 2015

-When it comes to food and beverage packaging, convenience is one of the biggest selling points.
-One or two person households make up 61% of all U.S. households, so snacks portioned for one or two people are much more effective.
-What package attributes are most important to customers?
-92% retains freshness
-80% resealable
-64% recyclable
-72% durable
-74% easy to open
85% of consumers claim that purchase decisions are made at point of sale

-What drives purchases the most?
-37% packaging
-31% online reviews/ads
-31% friend recommendations
-27% tv ads

According to a recent study, 54% of US shoppers say that it’s important to see a package’s contents.
– Consumers associate transparent packages with transparency in how the product is produced, i.e. sourcing, nutritional information, and ingredients

Point of Sale Appeal
-Clean, flexible, stand up packaging makes for great point-of-sale merchandising opportunities

More marketing space
-SUR bags have larger front-facing sections compared to traditional snack pouches, meaning larger areas to catch the consumers’ eye.

-Nearly 1/3 of shoppers gauge freshness based on appearance and not date

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
-73% of customers believe we have a responsibility to be more environmentally conscious
-63% of customers identify reusability as an important quality in packaging
-54% of customers claim that reusable packages are often the deciding factor between two competing products

According to recent studies, one of the biggest consumer demands is for packaging that makes products last longer

Stand up reusable bags are nitrogen-flushed, ensuring a longer shelf life for products. Nitrogen prevents oxidation and has zero effect on the taste or texture of the packaged goods.

Improved recyclability
6 out 7 consumers expect manufacturers to increase the recyclability of their products


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