Back-To-School Snacks

September 18, 2015

For many, the back-to-school season brings with it many of the same feelings as the new year. Students are getting as organized as possible – labeling notebooks and stocking up on needed writing utensils. Starting in July and running all the way up until Memorial Day, parents will be taking to the stores in droves to pick up notebooks, backpacks, pens and pencils for the new school season.

As August and September roll around, student and parent both are getting into the groove with the new schedule and planning their children’s meals for the upcoming year. Unfortunately in today’s society, it’s tough to find meals that are both healthy and convenient. Parents are normally faced with choosing from a number of sugar-packed candies, cereals or unhealthy packaged snacks.

To help parents make snack choices a little easier, try carrying some of these Truly Good Foods products:


Grabeez combine grab-and-go convenience with our great tasting signature snack mixes, giving consumers the ultimate snack in the perfect container. Because of this, Grabeez continue to be one of our best selling products. Consumers can choose from one of our many signature snack mixes, including Sunburst or our signature Buffalo Nuts.

Dried Fruits

One of the easiest snacks for school children of any age is dried fruit. Just a small handful of dried fruit can provide the caloric energy needed for a quick energy boost. One thing to keep in mind – dried fruit retains nearly the same amount of calories and sugar as their non-dried counterparts, even though the serving size is cut in half.

Energy Bars

One snack that flies off of the shelves and into lunchboxes and backpacks are energy and nutrition bars. Parents love the idea of replacing harmful candy with nutritious granola and grains, and children love the variety of flavors they can choose from. We have a large collection of various energy and nutrition bars. From Clif to Kind, we’re sure to have the right nutritious energy bar that your consumers are looking for.


Truly Good Foods carries a little bit of everything – from nuts to candy to snack mixes. Check out our list of products or contact us today!


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