Road Trip Snacks

April 22, 2015

Road trip season is nearly here, and with it’s arrival, convenience stores will likely see a rise in snack purchases as consumers begin traveling across the country on vacations. Below are some great healthier road trip snacks from Truly Good Foods.


When it comes to road trips, many consumers like to stock up on foods with a little salt and crunch.  Potato chips, pretzels, white cheddar popcorn – all of these are popular road trip snacks that offer little to no nutritional value. A healthier alternative? Nuts. Packed with healthy fats and protein, nuts are a delicious alternative that help lower cholesterol, fill you up faster and keep you full longer. A handful of peanuts, almonds, or pistachios provides you with the energy you need to survive a long road trip while simultaneously helping lower your cholesterol. While consumers will no doubt flock to the snack aisle to pick up their favorite road trip snacks, try guiding them in the right direction with our Truly Good Foods’ specialty snack bags. With a wide variety of products – including almonds, cashews, pistachios and honey roasted peanuts – consumers are sure to find something they love.

Snack and Trail Mixes

Pre-packaged snack and trail mixes make for great road trip snacks. The combination of flavors provides something for everyone. To give consumers some options, try stocking Truly Good Foods’ Stand Up Resealable Bags. Our SUR’s are full of different varieties of our specialty snack and trail mixes, from our own Sunburst snack mix to our Super Charged Cranberry Blend trail mix.


Another go-to road trip snack is the ever-popular candy bar. Packed with sugar, candy bars are good for a quick burst of energy and they are convenient, easy to buy and easy to eat – and that’s about it. To give consumers an option other than candy bars, try stocking Grabeez®. Grabeez® is a resealable cup that offers 15 varieties of nuts, snack mixes and candies. Grabeez® is designed to provide better-for-you options in a perfectly portable container that fits conveniently in your cup holder. Find our selection of Grabeez® HERE.

Check out all of our products and make sure your store is ready for the summer.


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