Multitasking and Snacking

February 23, 2015

In today’s world, we’re seemingly always multitasking. Being constantly connected with our smartphones and laptops, we’re always answering emails, texting or reading articles while doing other things. Multitasking has become a huge part of our lives and that trend has carried over into snacking as well. When consumers can’t decide whether they want something sweet or something savory, why not give them both? Sweet and savory snacks are taking over grocery aisles across the world.

But what makes sweet and savory snacks so much better than standard snacks? For one, it’s the mix of flavors. The mix of sweet and savory provides the palette with a delightful contrast. Those with a sweet tooth get their fix while the body receives many of the daily nutrients that it needs. In a recent survey, Wellness Foods found that over 70% of consumers claimed to feel more full after eating a savory snack, while nearly the same amount found that sweet snacks tend to be addicting.

This “new” trend is something we’ve been doing at Truly Good Foods for a while. Our hand-mixed, custom made snack mixes feature a number of sweet and savory blends. From our Sweet Heat mix, featuring butter toasted peanuts and roasted pecans, to our fan-favorite Sunburst mix, consumers can’t go wrong when looking for the perfect mix of savory and sweet.

And, for those consumers on the go, there’s good news. Many of our snack mixes, including Sunburst, are available in both Grabeez and Stand Up Resealable Bags. Grabeez and Stand Up Resealable Bags give consumers the same great Truly Good Foods snack mixes they’ve grown to love in convenient, resealable grab-and-go packaging.

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