Why You SHOULD Snack at Work

February 12, 2015

Its 2pm, have you hit the midday slump? Reaching for that next cup of coffee or energy drink? STOP! Grab a snack instead- snacking at work is actually beneficial. When you hit your midday slump, you are more likely to make a work place error due to the lack of energy, focus, and ability to concentrate or multitask. With a healthy midday snacking options offered to your customers, you are supplying them with a healthy energy boosting option instead of grabbing that next cup of coffee or sugary filled snacking choice.

Healthier snacking options such as nuts, trail mixes, or dried fruit, which you can purchase from Truly Good Foods, give your customers needed nutrients to keep them sharp and focused while they are doing their daily tasks. Healthy snacking also regulates your blood sugar to combat a drop in energy, which can be the difference between partially finishing a task, putting it off to the next day or having your task complete and on the boss’s desk! When customers choose a healthy fresh food to snack on, they’ll be able to fill in any nutritional gaps from just eating meals; as well as helping them to not over eat at a meal thus giving them a possible negative side effect of feeling drowsy.

Snacking throughout the day isn’t something to be feared, it is something to utilize! Healthy snacking throughout the work day will keep you mentally sharp and focused!

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