Healthier Snacks For Summer Movie Season

February 4, 2015

Summer movie season is almost upon us. With the abundance of quality blockbusters hitting the big screens, more and more people are going to be flocking to movie theaters. Summer blockbuster season also leads to an increase in snacking. After all, what’s a movie without a little bit of popcorn and some candy?

Unfortunately, movie theaters rarely feature any healthier snacking options for those health-conscious consumers. The lack of healthier snacks and the limited choices in portion size can often lead to many moviegoers smuggling in their own snacks, marking a decrease in concession sales. To combat that, try stocking some of these Truly Good Foods products to give health-minded consumers an equally delicious and filling option.

Sweet Snacks

For those consumers who love a little something sweet during a movie, try offering our Grabeez cups filled with our own Banana Split Snack Mix or Yogurt Mini Pretzels. Grabeez offer personal portions of our custom sweets and snack mixes in a small resealable cup – a perfect fit for armrest cup holders.

Salty and Savory Snacks

Some moviegoers love sweet snacks, but others prefer salty or savory snacks. Instead of the traditional movie theater popcorn, which can contain high levels of sodium and up to three times the amount of daily saturated fats, try offering our nut and snack mixes packaged in our own Stand Up Resealable bags. For those consumers who love bold and spicy flavors, look no further than our Buffalo Nuts line. With Blue Cheese, Ranch, Honey Roasted and traditional flavors, moviegoers are sure to find something they like.

Bit of Both

Of course, there’s plenty of moviegoers who love mixing both sweet and savory. For those consumers, try offering our Sunburst snack mix that includes peanuts, chocolate and raisins. This product is offered in individual snack bags, our Stand Up Resealable Bags, and in our 6.5 oz. Grabeez cups. Sunburst is a perfect mix for those who want the best of both worlds.

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