Healthier Snacks at the Super Bowl?

January 29, 2015

With healthy lifestyles and healthy eating on the minds of many of your customers, the call for healthier snacking options while watching the Super Bowl is in high demand. Watching the Super Bowl in the past called for the main snacking staples: Wings and Nachos. However with the trending healthy lifestyle emerging, viewers are looking for something that won’t affect their waist line so drastically. One independent survey questioned 344 people whom said they were likely to watch the Super Bowl and either attend a party or have their own party, and these were the results:

• More than half (53 percent) surveyed want healthier food at Super Bowl parties.
• 63 percent say they’d choose healthier options over traditional game day favorites.
• Despite the claim to want to cut calories on the big day, 41 percent say they eat more calories on Super Bowl Sunday than they do on Thanksgiving.

Here are a few Products that would be a healthier party snacking option for your customers that Truly Good Foods can supply you:
• Snack Mixes: Made by hand at our facilities, our snack mixes range from traditional trail mixes, unique flavor blends mixes, crunchy mixes, and sweet and savory mixes.
• Dried Fruit: Dried fruit is a great sweet alternative to that slice of cake or cookie.
• Nuts and Seeds: Nuts and seeds are very versatile and can take the place of that salty potatoes chip.

No matter what snack they are craving (or trying to avoid/substitute), there are many healthier snacking choice for them to choose from when you purchase snacks from Truly Good Foods!

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