College Snacks

Here at Truly Good Foods, we have worked with Colleges & Universities for over 45 years and as school gets back in session, we're here to help with your snack needs.

As your snack partner, we're here to help with your full selection for your on-campus markets, c-stores, residence halls and cafeterias. Everything from bulk snack mixes, nuts and dried fruit to grab-and-go packaged snacks to foodservice items, we have you covered.  

    • Flavor runs in the family at Truly Good Foods as a second generation family business. With more than 400 manufactured snacks, we believe in BETTER ingredients and MORE of those ingredients in every bite. Women-owned, TGF is headquartered in Charlotte, NC with five additional locations nationwide. 

Bulk Snack Mixes

      • Bulk snacks are not only a cost-effective way to purchase (40-50% profit margins!), but it’s also a way to practice sustainability.

    • With over 40 unique mixes that are blended fresh daily, there is a perfect snack mix for every student.
  • 1. Bartender's Blend
  • 2. Dark Chocolate Energy Boost
  • 3. Sunburst
  • 4. The Big Cheese
  • 5. Sweet Tooth

Why Knot Pretzels

Our fastest growing snack line, Why Knots are flavored pretzels with no artificial ingredients. A better-for-you sweet option, they come in a variety of popular fruit flavors. 


Why Knots can be easily merchandised on shelves as standup bags or they also have peggable holes on top.


  • 1. Strawberry Yogurt Pretzels
  • 2. Chocolate Pretzels
  • 3. Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels

Grabeez Snack Cups

Our #1 best selling snack line to colleges, Grabeez resealable cups are available in 17  varieties of snack mixes, candy and chocolates.


These are perfect for college campuses since they easily fit in a backpack and won't get crushed. Resealable and reusable for future snacking. 


Easy to merchandise on your shelves and we are also Grabeez floor and countertop racks available with purchase. 


  • 1. Mini Chocolate Pretzels
  • 2. Sour Neon Worms or Gummy Bears
  • 3. Sunburst 
  • 4. Banana Split  
  • 5. Healthy Trails Mix

ReCharge Snacks

Snacks with an Energy Boost!


Our ReCharge flavors Dark Chocolate Energy Boost and Super Charged Cranberry Blend are 5oz grab-and-go bags of two of our best selling mixes.


They feature immunity boosting ingredients like almonds, omega-3 frortified cranberries and dark chocolate probiotic cranberries.


ReCharge bags can be easily merchandised on shelves as standup bags or they also have peggable holes on top.


Distributed Snacks

Sorbos Sustainable Straws

Sorbos Edible Straws are 100% biodegradable and deliciously edible, offered in a variety of flavors (Strawberry, Chocolate, Lime and Lemon) to complement any cold beverage. Offers durability up to 45 minutes of rigidity in cold drinks.


No GMOS. Gluten Free. Allergy Friendly. 

AWAKE Caffeinated Snacks

AWAKE bars and bites pack the same caffeinated goodness you’ll find in coffee or energy drinks, but in a delicious chocolate snack. It’s just the thing when you need a boost of energy to get through the day.


We carry both the bar and bites, plus the two newest No-Sugar-Added flavors Dark Chcolate Almond Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter!

Dot's Homestyle Pretzels

      • We carry the best selling line of Dot's Homestyle Pretzels in Original, Southwest Seasoned and Honey Mustard. 

    • The 1.5oz, 200-calorie  smaller bags are the perfect size for students to grab-and-go.

One Stop Snack Shop

We offer a wide variety of snacks to choose from. Everything from 1oz healthy snack bags to bulk snack mixes. We also offer a variety of distributed snacks including college best sellers KIND bars, AWAKE chocolates, CLIF bars and Homefree gluten-free cookies.

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