Favorite Bulk Candy

January 8, 2015

Candy can invoke fond memories from ones childhood, or can be a small pick me up when a day hasn’t been the best, or even just a quick snack when your craving a bit of sugar. Candy is an extremely large category for describing confections like chocolate morsels, gummies, hard candies, and so many others. Candy flavors vary from fruits, sweet and sour, savory and even spicy or salty. There are countless uses for candies, whether a quick snack, treating yourself or using it in your favorite cookie or cake recipes. No matter which you prefer or what use the candy is needed for, Truly Good Foods has the sweet treat to fill your customer’s needs. Check out the top 10 BULK candies from Truly Good Foods, did your favorite make the cut?
1. M&M Plain
2. Chocolate Raisins
3. M&M Peanut
4. Jelly Belly, Assorted
5. Dark Chocolate Almonds
6. Gummy Bears
7. Yogurt Pretzels
8. Chocolate Maltballs
9. Hershey Miniatures
10. Swedish Fish

Tags: Chocolate Maltballs, chocolate morsels, Chocolate Raisins, Dark Chocolate Almonds, gummies, Gummy Bears, hard candies, Hershey Miniatures, jelly belly, M&M Peanut, M&M Plain, Swedish Fish, Yogurt Pretzels

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