Get Out of the House, and Take a Hike!

November 17, 2021

No, really – November 17th is Take a Hike Day, so lace up your boots, grab some snacks, and take a hike!

America has over 88,000 miles of National Trails! The two longest clock in at 6,800 miles – the American Discovery Trail and the Great Western Loop.  As of 2020, only two people have ever completed the Great Western Loop.

The oldest continuously used and maintained hiking trail in the US is the Crawford Path. Built in 1819, it is 8.5 miles long, and converges with the Appalachian Trail.

Speaking of the Appalachian Trail, it is the most popular trail. While it is neither the longest, nor the oldest, it is the most user-friendly. That doesn’t mean it’s easy – it will still take 5-7 months to complete the entire 2,190 miles.

If a six month hiking trip doesn’t appeal to you, no worries! There are plenty of shorter trails across the country! You can check for local greenways, state parks, and rails-to-trails paths! Your local parks and rec website is a good place to start, or you can search at You can also check the National Park Service for nearby options.

Ready to pick a snack?

The idea of trail mix, a combination of nuts, chocolate and raisins, dates to the 1910s. Horace Kephert, an American travel writer and outdoorsman, suggested it was a perfect, portable hiking snack! It is lightweight, nutritious, and easy to store. The carbohydrates in the dried fried and chocolate provide quick energy boosts, while the fats in the nuts give sustained energy.

Here are some of our favorite trail mix variations, all available in bulk and various packaged options:

California Mix

Healthy Trails



Sweet Caroline

Happy hiking!

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