Sunburst: A Brighter Way To Snack

September 19, 2023

Sunburst™: A Brighter Way To Snack

Sunburst is defined by Merriam-Webster as a flash of sunlight especially through a break in clouds.

What Sets Truly Good Foods Apart?


When Truly Good Foods designs a new product the second-generation family-owned business makes sure to see the good that a snack can do for health, wellness, and happiness. Their commitment to excellence has allowed them to become a leader in the industry. The Sunburst™ snack mix is no different, there are 3,000+ Truly Good Foods snacks that are sourced from the highest quality ingredients then prepared in our SQF, Kosher, and organic production facilities. Each element of Sunburst™ is handpicked and combined with precision to create a snack that not only tantalizes consumer’s taste buds, but also aligns with their desire for quality and goodness.

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Delicious & Versatile


Imagine biting into a snack that offers a harmonious balance of sweet, salty, and savory, well that is what you get when you enjoy Sunburst™. A truly delicious blend of peanuts, almonds, cocoa gems, and raisins. The mixing together of the salt from the nuts and the juiciness of the raisins creates a sensation that will make Sunburst™ your go-to snack.


If you are in need of some pick-me-up snacks for work, better for you snacks for movie night, or hunger quenching snacks for your daily activities, then look no further. Our family of Sunburst™ products are perfect for office pantries, corporate events, community snack bars, children’s school lunches, friendly golf outings, family beach trips, long hikes, and much more. Make sure you stock up with Truly Good Foods.


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