Candy Trends

March 19, 2019

Even though candy and health-conscious aren’t often thought of in the same sentence, confectionery is feeling the same pressure as other snacks to offer better-for-you options. Expect to see smaller size candy options with lower calories and more product claims on packaging.

Some of the other candy trend highlights for this year include:

  • New candy products with unique colors, popping candy, hot & spicy flavors and cooling sensations.
  • Vegan-friendly claims rose 27% from last year so expect to see these claims continue to rise.
  • Chocolate manufacturers are trying to widen appeal with more snacks made from dark chocolate, which is known for a variety of health benefits.
  • Ingredients with a “health halo” will continue to be popular in chocolate and snack products. That means more almond, chia, quinoa, berries and cacao nibs.
  • Continued work toward cocoa sustainability.
  • Exotic flavor combinations.
  • Consumers are looking for transparency in food ingredients. A big ingredient in soft candy that consumers want to be informed of is gelatin. Most gelatin is derived from animal collagen, but vegans and vegetarians are seeking non-meat gelatin-based confectionery.
  • Vegetables are being integrated into sweet snacks as a flavor, not just a natural color additive.
  • CBD is gaining momentum in sweets and candy and is expected to be mainstream by next year.
  • 76% of chocolate buyers saying it’s worth it to pay a little more money for premium chocolate so expect a rise here.

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