Paleo Snacks

November 21, 2017

Known to many as the “caveman diet”, the Paleo diet has become more popular than ever. Put simply, it’s a modern take on the diets our cavemen ancestors followed. If a food item wasn’t available thousands of years ago, pre-agriculture, it’s not consumed now by people following a Paleo diet. Think no processed foods, grains or legumes with a focus instead on lean meats, veggies and fruits.

Since people often find themselves hungrier when eating Paleo and needing to eat more regularly to keep blood sugar and energy steady. But with chips and pretzels off the menu, what should Paleo dieters snack on? Consider plantain chips and dark chocolate as possible options, but nuts & seeds are the true MVP’s when it comes to Paleo snacks.

Here are the best Paleo nuts & seeds to snack on:

Sesame Seeds

Flax Seeds


Pine Nuts

Macadamia Nuts



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