Top Golf Snacks

August 1, 2017

It’s National Golf Month and we’re looking at what snacks are the best to enhance your golf game. Choosing the right snacks can give you the energy and focus to play your best game without the crash you can get from sugary snacks. Select wisely to ensure the fuel to perform your best.

When out on the course, sugar will crash you within a short period of consumption, so stick with the low-carb, higher-protein options to keep your energy up for hours. As a general rule, try to stick to snacks with no artificial ingredients that are balanced with carbs, protein and fat.

Here are some of our favorite golf snack options for top performance:

Mixed Nuts

Almonds, Pecans, Cashews and Brazil Nuts are among the top golf-course snacks because the protein paired with fat fills you up while providing energy and important nutrients.  Stick with raw to lightly roasted nuts and try to avoid salted versions so you don’t get too thirsty on the course. While enjoying a drink in the clubhouse after your golf game, feel free to salt away.

Dark Chocolate

A great option for some healthy fats and mental stimulation. Just make sure to find an option with minimal ingredients and no less than 70% cocoa so it doesn’t contain too much sugar.


Bananas are many golfers number one source of energy on the golf course. They’re a rich source of vitamin B-6 and potassium and contain natural sugars. These benefits combine to give an instant boost of energy that can last throughout a game.

Also consider snacking on banana chips. Since a fresh banana gets about 75 percent of its weight from water, the drying process removes about 96 percent of this water content, making dehydrated bananas a far more concentrated source of calories and nutrients than the source fruit. Although dried bananas are about four times higher in fiber, potassium and carbs, they are also four times higher in sugar and calories than fresh bananas so be considerate of serving size.

Truly Good Foods is a partner to the club & resort industry, providing custom snack mixes, bulk nuts and seeds to golf courses. Some of our best-selling golf snacks include our Grabeez line of grab-n-go resealable cups, Garden Chips trays, bulk nuts, and bulk snack mixes like Country Club and Happy Hour Mix.

See the full list of our top-selling snacks to country clubs

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