Springtime Snacking Habits

March 26, 2015

Springtime is upon us and consumers are spending considerably more time outside as the months go by. Whether they’re hiking through the woods or relaxing on the beach, one thing all consumers are going to be looking for is healthy and convenient snacks.

As consumers spend more time researching what they put in their bodies, we’re seeing a shift toward more nutritious snacks. Abundant on the shelves of grocery and convenience stores are “100-calorie” packs of every snack food imaginable. Although portion-controlled, many of these snacks have very little, if any, nutritional benefit. Consumers are beginning to replace these individually-portioned, unhealthy “snack packs” with a more nutritious substitute. Try stocking some of these Truly Good Foods’ products for the upcoming spring and summer seasons:


Resealable Cubes

Our resealable cubes are perfect for all-day beach excursions, picnics, or simply laying out by the pool. They include many varieties of nuts, dried fruits, candies and snack mixes – including our fan-favorite Sunburst mix. Health-conscious picnickers can choose from edamame beans, banana chips and Healthy Trails Mix, while those consumers with a sweet tooth will have no problem finding what they like, as well.


Snack Bags

Perfect for everyone, our Truly Good Foods snack bags contain our hand-blended snack mixes in a convenient 6” x 4” bag, smaller and easier to transport than our Resealable Cubes. Snack bags are great for consumers stocking up on road trip snacks. As an added bonus, they make for a great store display.



Intended for consumers on the go, Grabeez are a must-have for those actively enjoying the beautiful weather – from hitting the trails to hitting golf balls. Grabeez are small, resealable plastic cups that are filled with our very own Truly Good Foods’ snack mixes. Designed to provide consumers with healthier options for on-the-go snacking, Grabeez are perfect for hikers, golfers, kayakers, bikers, and other active types.


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